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Moving will be stressful, and that is a good reason to get professionals on board with you. They do the heavy lifting, while you get to supervise and plan and get excited. Even before your home is listed, get an idea what it will cost to move your household items to Florida. You may decide to pare down what you will bring, and it will also help you determine the spaces you need in your new home. Do you still want a formal dining room? Will you ever use it? And the entertainment center? Put that on the curb.

Here are a few quality options for your moving needs:


Florida Van Lines main office is located in NY. We provide moving services up and down the entire East Coast of the United States. We are experienced in small local moves as well as long-distance. East coast interstate moving is a specialty of ours as are the communities of Florida. We provide experienced and reliable moving services. Mention when you ask for a quote.


Long Island Moving & Storage has safely been moving families and businesses from New York to all across the Eastern seaboard since 1926. Once again, we are proud to offer weekly service to Florida and all points in between. Our Florida Express service can relocate you from locations throughout Long Island and all of New York to Florida. Mention when you ask for a quote.


PODS moving solutions make relocating from New York easier than ever. PODS portable containers are delivered to your home so you can load them with your belongings on your schedule. Then, when you’re ready, PODS will pick-up the container and move it to your new home, minimizing the stress of moving. If your home isn’t yet ready, your stuff can be stored at a secure PODS storage facility as long as you need.  CHECK THEM OUT

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