I made the move

My wife and I vacationed in Florida for many years. In fact, it seemed a necessity because every year the winters would get longer in New York, and the dread of the dark and cold days, the winter storms, and the inability to live outside would wreak havoc on my wife’s immune system and mental well-being. So year after year we would plan a getaway to the warmth of the Southern sun. But like sleeping in on a Saturday morning, Monday comes and you find yourself tired again. The winter of 2015 would be the last time we boarded a plane back to the cold.

That summer my wife took a vacation to Sarasota during a break in her grad school quarters. She found rest and peace on Lido Beach and was refreshed by the livelihood of the downtown area with its weekly farmer’s market and live entertainment. That was the spark that ignited a burning desire to be on the Gulf Coast all year round.

At first, we looked at properties we could buy and rent out for much of the season, one that would give us the freedom to stay as long as we wanted to soak up the sun. But this was because i was not leaving my job in New York. We just wanted something that we could have for more than a week at a time.

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